Stories of Refuge

Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution in 2011, Syrian refugees have been fleeing the brutality of the regime in Syria and searching for new destinations, Munich being one of them. Many of these asylum seekers arrive to Munich by land, crossing unofficial borders, through different European countries. Beirut-based Dictaphone Group collaborated with a group of Syrian refugees who recently arrived in Munich. They gave each of these participants/collaborators a discreet camera for a day, their only instructions being to film their daily lives in Munich and their favorite spots in the city. Together they produced three videos that were first presented in a shipping container placed on a busy road in Munich.


Video installation by Dictaphone Group 2013
Concept and Video Editing: Tania El Khoury
Devised with Petra Serhal
Videos shot by Ibrahim, Sepan, and Souad (names anonymized).

Commissioned by Spielart Festival in Munich.


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