Un-Marry Us



Un-Marry Us is an invitation to a rooftop wedding party on Nahj El-Bacha Street in Tunis. A research-based site-specific performance exploring the old medina as a refuge for marginalised communities and those who are fighting for personal freedom and collective dignity. Mixing food, music, oral histories, and urban research, we turn the city into a scenography and its rooftops into stages. Un-Marry Us was created in collaboration with Beity shelter for women and Damj organisation for LGBTQI+ rights.

Assistant : Mohamed Ali Agrebi
Urban researcher : Aymen Gharbi

Performed by: Lorenzo, Fouchika (Yasmina Gaida), Mohamed Ali Agrebi, Asma Romdhane, Nourhene Kadri, Hiba Ghodbani, Aida El Kaabi, Zied Methni, Wafa Khalfallah, Yoldez Bettayeb, Raoudha El Ferchichi, Jewida Ben Khemaies and Snoopy.
Caterer : Zied Methni
Production : L’Art Rue, Dream Citty 2017.
Technical Partner : SYBEL Light & Sound

With the support of Heinrich Böll Stiftung. Artist residency supported by the DROSOS project “Fabrique artistique d’espaces populaires.”