Culture Exchange Rate

Dear Dad,

I took your advice about exchanging the Lebanese liras that you gave me for British pounds. I didn’t have to trick people and pretend it was a simple souvenir swap. I turned your idea into a live art piece. I am sending you the pounds as a payment for this idea. You can think of it as your first artwork. The attached signatures are from the people who now own your Lebanese liras.

I hope we can collaborate again.


Cultural Exchange Rate  is about my father and his desperate attempt to financially help me despite not being able to. It is also about immigration, cultural exchange, exchange rate, and corruption. The audience is asked to give away a British pound in exchange for a Lebanese Lira. The exchange is not merely monetary. It really will become a souvenir. The pounds that are collected from this piece will be sent to my father in Lebanon as his own “souvenir” from London and as payment for his first piece of live art.

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